A Guide To Recovering Lost Luggage

30/09/13 2:02 PM

Losing your luggage at the airport is every traveler’s worst nightmare. At one time or another majority of us have probably waited eagerly around the luggage carousel, with our fingers and toes crossed that our bag is going to appear next. There’s always the fear that somebody else has picked up your bag, or maybe it just hasn’t turned up. More often than not, your bag will appear however there are instances where the odd bag gets lost. Here’s your guide to recovering your lost luggage:

Once you’ve waited, waited, and waited some more, you’ll eventually come to the realisation that your bag is not coming. Try not to panic! The first thing you should do is make your way over to the customer service and baggage claim section of the airport. Here are the questions you’ll be asked, remember to stay calm so you can co-operate and do your best to get your bag back:

1. Which flight were you on? – having your flight details to hand in a carry on bag helps.
2. What was your flight number?
3. Can you describe your bag? (This is why you should try to make your bag stand out, which we will go into more detail about later).
4. Do you know the brand of your suitcase?
5. Is your suitcase hard side or soft side luggage?

The more you know about your bag and your flight, the better! Here are tips that could help you to get your bag back faster, or even better, avoid it getting lost in the first place:

1. Unless it’s absolutely necessary that you have black, brown, tan or grey coloured luggage for work, DON’T.
You should choose suitcases that stand out so you can easily locate them, and the airport can easily identify them.
2. Many people tie ribbons or scarves to handles so they know the bag is theirs; however, this should be avoided. The ribbons and scarves can get caught while loading and unloading the plane, causing the suitcase to tear or become damaged.
3. Mark parts of the suitcase with identifying information. You could put a business card or something similar into compartments, and even a copy of your ticket and flight information. This will make it much easier for the airport to find and contact you once your bag is located!
4. Remove all of your old destination tags before you fly. It doesn’t impress anybody, definitely doesn’t look cool, and only increases the risk of your suitcase getting lost by confusing the people who handle the bags.
5. Always double check a bag on the carousel to make sure it’s yours. Certain makes and styles of suitcase are popular, so it’s easy to think a bag is yours when it isn’t. Why not get a colourful luggage tag to help you in the future?
6. It’s wise to get travel insurance if you’re going to be traveling with expensive items.

Once you’ve taken every step possible to stop your bag from getting lost, all you have to worry about is airport parking!

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