How To Cure Your Holiday Blues @ Work

21/09/13 9:50 AM

At some point we will have all had time off from work, whether that’s due to a holiday, injury, or something else altogether. If your flight has just landed at Gatwick, the last thing you probably want to think about is going back to work. It can be difficult getting back into work after such a break, especially an enjoyable one, but it can be done. After all, you don’t want to go back to work still in “holiday mode” or even in “mum mode” if you’ve been off on maternity leave. You want to return to work in the same way you left, working hard and feeling determined. Here’s how you can get back into work after a break:

Pre Plan Your Return

If you pre plan your return to work, you’re sure to be successful as soon as you step foot through the door. Call your co-workers before going back, and ask them for information on what has changed and what is new over the time you’ve been away. What have you missed, if anything? This will give you a heads up before going back to your job and leave you with a less bewildered look on your face when somebody mentions the change.

Plan Your Goals

What will your new goals be now you’ve returned to work? Update your priorities ASAP and you should achieve your goals a lot sooner.

Get Involved In New Projects

The trick is to throw yourself back into work. Get involved in new projects and accept challenges – you’ll feel so much better for it! This is a great way to get straight back into work – you’ll feel like you never left.

Catch Up With Your Contacts

Catching up with your contacts could simply mean checking your emails and replying to them ASAP. This could be a big task depending on how many emails you’ve received in your absence.

Enjoy Your Return

It’s no crime to enjoy your return to work! Speak to your colleagues and find out what they’ve been up to and what’s new with them, get back in touch with your favourite clients, anything that will make your days more enjoyable. Just make sure you don’t start slacking and you actually get some work done! Saying that, it’s understandable that your first day back can be overwhelming so you might want to limit the work you do until you’re 100% caught up with what’s changed.

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

Making sure that you take the time to adjust your sleep schedule a couple of days or even a week before your return to work will make your day much more bearable. You may find getting up early a chore at first, but once you’ve done it for a couple of days you’ll realise that you’re actually just making the most out of the day.

Bring Lunch

Bringing your lunch in from home will free up more time to catch up on things that you missed, rather than running off to Costa Coffee at lunch time.

Now you can see just how easy it is to get back into work after a break away!

Lucy Pache

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