Gatwick Meet And Greet

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Let Yourself Rest & Get Straight To The Airport

If you have ever used standard airport parking you will soon appreciate the plusses of meet and greet. There is no worrying about catching the right shuttle bus, getting off at the right lettered car park (who can remember that kind of thing after a long flight home?) or whether you have left your keys by the pool. We will be there with your car – and a smile – to meet you as you leave the terminal building so all you have to do is get in and drive away.

How does meet and greet parking work?

Meet and greet parking is so simple you will wonder how you ever did without it. When you park your car on arrival you hand us your keys and then go off to enjoy your holiday. We then park your car for you until the day of your return.

1. When you land, give us a call; we need about 20 minutes to get your car to you, so you may want to wait and see how the luggage hall is looking before you ring us, because sometimes that can be a bit of a bottleneck.

2. Come through customs and immigration as normal.

3. Our delivery driver will be waiting for you either inside the terminal building or outside, depending on the volume of arrivals. Either way, he will make himself known with a card with your name on.

4. Your car will be conveniently parked for you to be driving away within a few minutes.

There is no better way to end a holiday than using meet and greet. Most people agree that the most stressful bit of a holiday is getting home from the airport but if your car is brought to you ready to begin your drive, most of that stress is taken away. Not having to worry about where your keys are is a huge plus for most people as well – keeping the keys with the car makes far more sense.

24/7 Security In All Our Available Car Parks

It is a big step for most car owners to hand over the keys and walk away from the vehicle, especially when they are off on holiday and can’t easily sort out any problems. There is no need to worry though when you use our meet and greet service because we make sure that your car is kept very safe while you are away. Our car park areas are well monitored throughout the day and night and we do not allow anyone onto the site under any circumstances unless they are staff.

No one will be allowed to ‘visit’ your car, even with photo id and a letter because you have given the car into our care and that is exactly what it will get – care and attention throughout your parking stay. No one will drive or move your car unless they are one of our experienced and fully CRB checked staff and we are very fully insured to cover you for damage, theft and accident whilst your vehicle is in our care. In fact, your car will be as safe with us as if it were still in your garage – safer in fact, because it will be watched day and night.

Available Meet And Greet Car Parks

Booking a meet and greet service adds that extra little convenience to your parking experience at Gatwick Airport. Simply use the table below to find the most suitable meet and greet service for you. Once you have found a serious you’re looking for, it is very easy to put it by following the relevant link. Why not make Gatwick Airport as stress free and convenient as possible by booking a meet and greet service.

Arrdvark Gatwick

For travellers short on time, the Aardvark meet and greet service means you can drop off and pick up your car directly from outside your terminal.

Transfers normally take around 10-15 minutes

I Love Meet & Greet

You’ll love meet and greet too with this service; a driver will transport your car to a secure car park on departure and be ready and waiting for you on your return.

No transfer needed, simply arive outside your terminal

Meteor Meet And Greet

Available at any time of day or night, your vehicle will be collected from you as you arrive at the airport and transported to a secure compound until your return.

No transfer needed, simply arive outside your terminal

APH Meet And Greet

Take the hassle out of off-site car parking by having it done for you; APH Meet and Greet will securely park your car and remove the need for transfers.

No transfer needed, simply arive outside your terminal