Gatwick Short Stay Parking

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The Cheapest Short Stay Parking at Gatwick

The main thing to bear in mind when choosing short stay parking is to make sure that you won’t be landed with a really high bill. Short stay parking really means just what it says and if you are there for much more than a day, you would be much better choosing long stay instead, even if it appears to be further away and more complicated to get to.

Short stay parking is best kept for meeting people from the airport. Dropping off points are usually fairly easy to use but of course if you are seeing anyone off for an extended stay, you might want to take advantage of short stay parking so you can give them a decent send off. Although you won’t be able to go through security with them, of course, you will be able to spend a little while with them before they check in and this can be very important if they are going a long way or for a long time.

Short stay parking is nearer to the airport than long stay, mainly because it is intended to be used by people who are picking up incoming passengers. Many taxi firms use short stay parking for this reason. Some of the short stay car parks are rather large and so it is vitally important to make sure you know where you have left the car. There can be few things worse than hauling a ton of luggage around a multi storey car park with absolutely no idea whether you are on the right level. It can make your incoming passenger friend or relative a little testy, to say the least!

Available Short Stay Car Parks

If you study the short stay map below for a moment, you will see that the car parks designated for short stays are very much nearer the airport than any other kind and most are reached by walking or simply by taking the lift from arrivals.

APH Gatwick

APH is an award winning company with over 33 years of experience providing a safe parking service with excellent customer service.

Transfers normally take around 10-15 minutes

Summer Special North

This is a 24 hours a day service running regular transfers to the North Terminal every 20 minutes; from car to flight in just 10 minutes.

Transfers normally take around 10-15 minutes

Arrdvark Gatwick

For travellers short on time, the Aardvark meet and greet service means you can drop off and pick up your car directly from outside your terminal.

Transfers normally take around 10-15 minutes

I Love Meet & Greet

You’ll love meet and greet too with this service; a driver will transport your car to a secure car park on departure and be ready and waiting for you on your return.

No transfer needed, simply arive outside your terminal

Meteor Meet And Greet

Available at any time of day or night, your vehicle will be collected from you as you arrive at the airport and transported to a secure compound until your return.

No transfer needed, simply arive outside your terminal

APH Meet And Greet

Take the hassle out of off-site car parking by having it done for you; APH Meet and Greet will securely park your car and remove the need for transfers.

No transfer needed, simply arive outside your terminal